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About Max Your Media

Michele Waldman
President of Max Your Media

Michele Waldman

Michele founded Max Your Media to provide small and medium sized businesses with affordable digital marketing solutions. Applying her 17 years of experience at Microsoft, DoubleClick/Google, IAC/Citysearch, and McClatchy Interactive, she developed a team of creative, tech, and customer service professionals who maintain cutting edge standards.

A cost effective business model means that MYM’s services can be adapted to suit any budget. Michele maintains a network of highly specialized designers and developers to address the constant growth and changes in the digital marketplace. Personal, attentive customer service is always a priority at MYM.


Why choose Max Your Media?

From local professional practices to global e-commerce sites, all businesses aim to convert clicks into customers. Max Your Media will optimize your online marketing spend to capture and retain your customers’ attention. We will develop, review and update your online marketing strategy to reach your target demographics and implement your campaign for the highest return on your investment.

Experience: Our team’s expertise spans all areas of digital marketing, design and customer service. Max Your Media’s unique business model enables us to provide comprehensive, cost effective, interactive advertising solutions.

Customization: You know your business…we listen. We start by learning about your goals and reviewing your current strategy. With your input, we will develop a plan to deliver expansive reach and bankable results.

Transparency and Fluidity: With clear, monthly reports and personal analytics reviews you will see which specific strategies are giving you the best returns. Analytics reveal all search results that lead users to your site and indicate which searches result in users who remain on your page. Max Your Media’s monthly reports are broken down to reflect each media strategy employed in your campaign. We will take you “behind the scenes” to see how your money is working for you, giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions for upcoming budgeting and strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): MYM will develop your web and mobile site to be engaging, clear, and functional to convert visits into sales (optimize conversion).

Maximize Your Investment: With ongoing review of your analytics and fine tuning your campaign, we will effectively apply your media dollars and prevent waste.