Pay Per Click

PPC, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or paid search advertising, places search results in your control. The Max Your Media tech team will identify keywords and phrases popular in searches for businesses comparable or related to yours. Starting with your monthly budget, we will determine a daily spend, and apply that maximum amount to your account. Cost per click varies based on numbers of searches, numbers of sites competing for ranking, and your specified budget.

Together, we will review your analytics reports and make adjustments, adding and removing keywords to maximize your spend. Analytics include data on which clicks resulted in more dedicated visits to your site. Applying this information, we can control how to apportion your dollars, including control of which days and times that your budget may be spent. Your spend is directly related to the results you will achieve in rankings; the primary goal is to apply your marketing dollars for maximum return.

Google Adwords is the best known of the PPC options. Paid search advertising is available for each search engine, as well as social media. PPC campaigns can be designed to employ any or all of the different search engine options, including Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Unlike SEO, with PPC you can choose keywords and phrases that are not specifically included in your website.